Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Focus on Core Business Functions

Insourced vs. Outsourced IT? In this day and age, It is important to recognize the value of IT and its tie to enabling business operations. Successful solutions require skills and competencies to address networking and security issues.

Outsourcing IT may help an organization achieve a competitive advantage in their marketplace. As the number and sophistication of security threats continue to increase, organizations find it difficult to justify keeping all functions in-house. The majority of organizations are already facing difficulty in finding and hiring staff with the required skills and competencies. As well, the majority of their perceived threats revolve around non-core functional areas, like patch management and viruses.

By outsourcing non-strategic security functions, organizations may be in a better position to concentrate on their core business while working with their outsourced service providers to enhance their security infrastructure and support their growth initiatives.

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