Thursday, August 03, 2006

Security Tip #6 - Viruses are a constant threat

Anti-virus threats are increasing. Experts believe that as many as one out of every ten e-mail messages contain a virus. Don't put your organization at risk, obtain and implement reliable anti-virus software. Consider the follwing:

  • Viruses destroy the integrity of your computer systems.

  • Manual anti-virus updates at inconsistent intervals doesn’t provide protection from viruses that spread quickly with no advance warning.

  • Viruses cause significant damage.

  • Your critical files are distributed across your network. Server and workstation files at corporate and remote locations need to be protected.
Viruses cost you money and increase IT support time. In addition, employee frustration results in employee turnover and increased management recruiting time and expenses. Your loss of data integrity results in customer dissatisfaction. Viruses compromise your image and reputation.

Don’t count on inconsistent anti-virus solutions to protect your valuable information assets. Automated anti-virus systems with server and desktop protection help you manage your risks. For more information on viruses and to learn the difference between a worm and a virus, please visit Call us today and find out how our security services can help protect your information assets.

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