Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Security Tip #4 - Hackers, What You Need to Know

Hackers know things that you don't. That's their edge. It's the reason that they can break into networks, leaving a path of destruction in their wake. Concerned about security? Your concerns may be directly related to the value of the information you are trying to protect. For example, is your data difficult to recreate? What are the implications if someone outside the company gets access to your confidential documents? You can’t always prevent hackers from breaking in, but you can make it more difficult for them to succeed.

Why you need formal security protection:

  • Hackers like the challenge of breaking into systems

  • Without proper protection, any part of your network is at risk

  • Hackers cause network downtime (downtime cost calculator)

  • Hackers seek out weaknesses in your systems
Don't assume that ad-hoc security can protect you from Internet threats. A managed approach to security provides the protection you need.

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