Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Security Assessments

The assessment difference. Many organizations wait until it is too late, either they've been hacked or they are mandated by regulations to have an outside, external security assessment. Leading organizations don't wait and are proactive, using outside security assessments to help the firm leverage its IT investment to enhance employee productivity, reduce costs, improve customer service, and achieve a competitive edge.

As organizations automate manual processes, information systems and the data they manage become a corporate asset. In addition to increasing value, these same information systems create additional risk for the organization and create a single point of failure.

Network and security assessments help organizations identify, manage, and reduce their risks. In addition to technical configurations, security assessments can also be used to review your staff, how they work, and their procedures.

Find out more information about various types of assessments that help manage firewall, user, web application, database, and compliance related risks.

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