Thursday, October 11, 2007

Need to Manage your Risks?

Mid-size firms have growth challenges. Many are growing quickly and don't have the resources of large firms. One mid-size organization provided employment screening and background checks. The firm was growing rapidly, attracting large clients, and expected to double in size within two years. Management was concerned that the IT staff and infrastructure cannot support the organization’s rapid growth.

They contracted with a firm to provide a network assessment amd an analysis of data backups, anti-virus, e-mail, software licensing, software patching, laptops, and many other areas. In addition to the IT infrastructure, the Work Plan included interviews with IT, management, and key users to determine if there was an alignment or satisfaction issue with IT.

The analysis included a comparison of the IT department with industry benchmarks so the organization could evaluate if they were making effective use of IT spending. The assessment also reviewed written policies, business continuity plans, and related procedures and guidelines.

The assessment identified several “hidden” issues that would have caused a disruption in business operations. The prioritized Action Plan gave the firm guidance to make immediate changes to their network infrastructure and IT staff. The organization’s management had peace of mind knowing that the plan allowed the firm double in size over the next two years.

Network assessments provide management with peace of mind and help organizations achieve growth targets.

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