Friday, December 22, 2006

Security Tip #2 - Protecting Your Data

Encryption can protect your data. Most organizations have sensitive information that needs to be stored on IT systems and distributed to authorized business contacts in a safe and secure manner. It is important to use secure encryption technology when conducting business and electronically exchanging information. Encryption makes information unintelligible to everyone except for your intended recipient.

Confidential information is created on a daily basis. Restricting access to confidential information on your network is only part of the solution. Increase the integrity of the data by encrypting sensitive information. Your business contacts need to use encryption to help maintain the confidentiality of your data since not all of your confidential information is contained within your office. Employees frequently work out of the office and this information must be transported in a safe and secure manner.

Your reputation is at risk when confidential information is compromised and increased costs are incurred when information is exposed to unauthorized personnel. Don’t wait for someone to gain access to your confidential information. Encrypt information to protect you from threats both inside and outside of your organization.

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