Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Security Assessments – A Subscription Service

A matter of priority. Not every security risk is created equal. Some risks have a greater impact than others. In addition, some threats are more likely to occur than others. Security assessments help organizations allocate their budget to the areas that reduce risks.

Security is an on-going process and leading organizations are taking a subscription approach to security assessments. With new vulnerabilities discovered on a daily basis, a system that is secure one day may be completely wide open the next. Much like regular anti-virus updates, subscribing to recurring security assessments helps your organization identify weaknesses before they can be exploited. Security assessments provide specific knowledge about your system, allowing you to more effectively allocate your security budget.

Don’t wait for an unwanted intruder to discover your network vulnerabilities. A comprehensive network security assessment helps:
  • Protect your image and reputation
  • Reduce your costs by cost effectively allocating your security budget to the most important areas

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