Wednesday, October 20, 2010

IT Strategy and Security

Information Technology (IT) strategy and security alignment ensures cohesive goals and results throughout the enterprise. IT strategy helps align IT to the organization, improve efficiencies, reduce costs, enhance customer service, and help the organization achieve a competitive edge in its market place.

To ensure IT and enterprise alignment, analyze the organization’s markets, target audiences, products, services, and locations where the business competes. Review the critical success factors that determine the organization’s success and core competencies that provide the organization with a niche and competitive edge. Don't forget to review government regulations and analyze your organization's relationships and alliances with strategic partners.

IT strategy should consider important information applications and technologies. Analyze important competencies to create and achieve the organization’s vision and strategy. Review your resources, risks, conflict resolution, responsibility, business partners, IT management, service providers, and project selection processes.

IT strategy should include quality control and network security audits that help provide IT and executive management with appropriate feedback mechanisms.

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