Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Small Business Security Quiz

Take this quiz to determine your Security Quotient. Preparation is the key to protecting your company’s information assets. Take this security quiz to determine your Security Quotient.
1) We have recent off-site computer backups. Yes/No
2) We have updated anti-virus software on all computers/servers. Yes/No
3) We restrict employee access to confidential information. Yes/No
4) All of our policies are documented and in written form. Yes/No
5) We have a firewall to protect us. Yes/No
6) We encrypt confidential documents/E-mail. Yes/No
7) We have a formal electronic document archiving procedure. Yes/No
8) We monitor and restrict Internet access. Yes/No
9) We performed a security assessment of our IT systems. Yes/No
10) We can distinguish an intruder from normal Internet traffic. Yes/No

Score one point for each Yes answer.
8 or more points - You are well on your way to securing your IT systems.
6 to 7 points - keep working, you may need assistance to reduce risks.
5 or fewer points - you need to make security a priority and get assistance as soon as possible.

Network and security assessments help protect your sensitive information and provide peace of mind.

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