Thursday, May 14, 2009

Security During Tough Economic Times

Employee risks. Although many decision makers are focused on getting through tough economic times, security experts say that management needs to be weary of employees, who fearful that their jobs could be on the cutting block, could take actions that potentially jeopardize the physical and logistical security of the company. As companies automate manual processes and adapt to the changing economic environment, merge IT departments, and cut back on controls, organizations face greater threats.

Risk assessments can help identify sensitive and proprietary information, risks to the data, and relevant state and federal compliance requirements. Everyone is concerned about security and protecting sensitive information. Once sensitive data and compliance requirements have been identified, the organization can leverage the information from the risk assessments to build in security structures that protect against IT, people, and process threats.

Network and security assessments help protect your sensitive information and provide peace of mind.

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