Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Security Tip #10 - Don't Risk Client Trust

Don’t risk losing your clients’ trust in you. Protect your IT systems with security policies and procedures. You'll protect your information assets and your valuable image and reputation.

By not having sound policies and procedures, many organizations face the following risks:

  • Loss of data integrity and client trust in you

  • Your clients incur lower levels of service due to untimely IT operations

  • You experience increased management accountability due to loss of adequate controls

  • You incur increased costs due to systems that are not always available

Security policies and procedures can help you maintain client confidentiality. By implementing effective policies and procedures, client trust is maintained even while security threats are increasing at an alarming rate.

Many critical business processes and client interactions are now automated to the point where the importance of security readiness has risen exponentially. Don’t count on firewalls and passwords to protect your valuable information assets. Security policies help you manage your risks and are your key to maintaining client trust.

Find out why you need a managed approach to security instead of the ad-hoc approach that leaves many organizations vulnerable.

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