Thursday, July 06, 2006

Security Tip #7 - Passwords, what you need to know

Passwords, are you ever really secure? If you have a newer computer, you already know the experience of increased productivity you get from having state-of-the-art equipment. What you don’t know is that faster systems, when combined with high-speed Internet lines, let unwanted visitors “crack” your passwords at an alarming rate.

Many organizations forget that not all of their threats are external, internal threats must be considered as well. In addition, confidential data may be accessed from remote locations and a good password policy may be the only protection.

Without a formalized password protection policy, you risk loss of revenue due to system and network downtime. Many organizations have determined their cost of downtime, however recent surveys show that the cost to recreate data is generally greater than originally estimated. In addition to internal costs, organizations must consider the cost of customer dissatisfaction due to loss of data integrity.

Passwords are a critical component of your security readiness. Formalize your password policies and verify that they are enforced. Inconsistent password policies and procedures leave you at risk and cannot protect your valuable information assets. Managing your passwords will help you manage your risks and protect your image and reputation.

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