Thursday, May 04, 2006

Security Tip #9 - Backups Are Your Initial Defense

Don’t risk losing your valuable data. What are your annual costs of lost data when you consider lost employee productivity, lower levels of customer service, and reduced competitiveness? Protect your IT systems with reliable backups so you don’t lose money.

Why you need reliable IT system backups

  • Information can be lost at a moment’s notice

  • It is time consuming to recreate data

  • The cost of downtime is greater than your initial estimates

  • Hackers and viruses aren’t your only threats, employees can accidentally delete critical files

  • Data is often distributed - server and workstation files at corporate and remote locations needs to be protected

Your risks

  • Lost productivity results in higher employee costs

  • Increased IT support costs you money

  • Lower levels of customer service results in lost clients
Don't count on untested backup systems to protect your valuable information assets. Formalized backup systems with off-site rotation help you manage your risks and are your key to protecting your information assets.

Call us today and find out how our security consulting service can help protect your information assets.

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