Tuesday, April 17, 2007

5 Steps to Risk Management

Risk management services provide strategies, processes, and tools to identify, analyze, respond to, control, and evaluate risks. A formal five step approach to risk management helps organizations identify, manage and reduce risks.
1. Identify Risks - Assessment. Outside, independent assessments identify risks that cause downtime and business interruption. Review your technology systems, people, and processes.
2. Risk Findings - Analysis. Additional investigation and research. Analyze findings and evaluate your organization’s risk tolerance based upon information provided during the assessment.
3. Risk Response - Action Plan. Develop a prioritized action plan of recommendations, responsibilities, and related costs. The Action Plan provides the steps needed to address vulnerabilities.
4. Risk Control - Managed Services. Managed networking and security solutions protect your information assets.
5. Risk Effectiveness – Evaluate & Repeat. Evaluate the effectiveness of your organization’s risk management mechanisms. Not just a one-time event, prepare for the next assessment.

Find out more about assessments and how they can help your organization reduce its risks.

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